Technical Committee Meeting - Omuthiya

Regions: Oshikoto
Modes: all
Topics: all
Kind of Event: technical and management committee meetings

Following the last meeting at Eenhana, our series of Technical Committee meetings was continued with the Technical Committee Meeting at Omuthiya, Oshikoto on August 4th, 2016.

Similar to our last meeting, participants with a variety of professions and technical expertise were present, adding their understanding, knowledge and opinions to the draft Master Plan. Ranging from UNAM students, Town Engineers from Tsumeb over the Oshikoto Nampol Chief Inspector to representatives from Ministry of Works and Transport, Ministry of Urban and Rural Development as well as the Oshikoto RC, TransNamib and NABTA, the participants were quite diverse with different positions as stakeholders in the T4P project.

In the first part of the meetings, the participants listened to a presentation given by the consultants on travel within, to and from the regions, and the situational analysis of non-motorized transport. Moreover, the presentation included the transport challenges of the remote rural areas. Rail and strategic corridor issues were presented, as well as road safety proposals. The presentation was concluded by the environmental issues as part of the future transport Master Plan.

After the presentation, the floor was open for discussion on the draft Master Plan. Many issues were raised. Concerning the rail system, it was commented that one of the challenges is the lack of fencing around the railway tracks and in conjunction with that an issue of cattle and wild animals blocking the way. Furthermore, detailed questions around a proposed scheduled bus service between Ondangwa and Oshakati were discussed and answered. Other topics of discussion included the B1 upgrade Ondangwa and Omuthiya, improper space for loading of taxis, and the idea of a canal as a solution to some cross-border issues.


MWT closed the meeting and informed the stakeholders that they have heard a draft presentation that requested the stakeholders’ inputs and comments which will be send to the steering committee that consists of the PS and chief executive officer in the regional offices.