Eenhana Hosts the First Public Hearing for Locals

Regions: Ohangwena
Kind of Event: public hearings

The Eenhana Youth Centre was the venue for the first public hearing to enable local people to become involved in the project on August 21st 2015. Notices were placed in the National Press and on local radio. Local people were encouraged to attend in order to have a say in improving the current transport experience for their communities, themselves and their children.

The meeting was attended by councillors and  one village headman thanking the Government and MWT, MURD and the GIZ for giving the people of the region and members of the regional and town councils the opportunity to be involved and to take ownership of the project.

Many concerns were raised including the need to improve road safety training of learners, to increase awareness of speeding, and to encourage drivers to obey traffic rules and regulations. The other major concern was that poor access was impacting learner education. Many learners are suffering because they fall behind in their studies due to a long and difficult commute to school.

Poor roads and in some cases no roads is the main reason behind not being able to attract teachers to the rural areas. Many teachers would not take placements in rural areas because of bad road conditions which over time caused damage to their cars.

It was also noted that people with disabilities are also suffering. Access to transport if improved would give them the opportunity to integrate more into the local community, attend medical appointments on time, find jobs, and become active community citizens.

The public hearing concluded with participants agreeing that they were very happy that the project had taken the time to come to them to discuss and better understand their issues. They hoped that with the project, the quality of life would improve for all communities across the four regions.

Attendents are looking forward to receiving copies of the report when it is made available and to be further involved through such meetings.

The Public Hearing was not as well attended as expected because the road in front of the Youth Centre was under construction and therefore very dusty. At the same time, many people attended the Trade Fair - T4P has learned many lessons from the Eenhana meeting and is eager to improve for the three upcoming public hearings in the other regions.

If you did not yet have the possibility to attend a public hearing, you can also comment on this website. Just see the "Get Involved" section for more information.