Commuter Rail

Regions: Oshana, Oshikoto
Modes: rail
Topics: transport infrastructure, transport services, public transport
Twitter follower @INdinelago shares this idea: "@Transport4P how about you advocate for a train for daily commuters between Omuthiya and Ondangwa" "@Transport4P advocate for a train service between Omuthiya and Ondangwa for daily commuters #taxisarenottheanswer" "@Transport4P train transportation is much safer than taxis #taxisarenottheanswer" "@Transport4P introduce a reliable daily commuter train between Omuthiya and Ondangwa say every morning and afternoon #wecandoit" "@Transport4P @INdinelago I am from Omuthiya side so I definitely know that there is a market for this. Its a safer way to travel" "@Transport4P if you advertise it say on Oshiwambo radio daily for 2 months opuwo you are sorted. It must just be reliable #thinksafety"